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You Matter !!

As an Integrated Clinic, we provide counseling services that is…

  • Patient Centered. Our staff get to know you as a whole person. We are here to encourage and support you without judgment and interference on your path to self-discovery. We respect your unique choices, values, culture, and preferences. We include you in making a care plan that works with your life and your family.
  • Diversified Team. Our counseling team is highly diverse and possesses different skills and certifications to meet the needs of you and your family along the therapeutic journey.
  • Coordinated. Sometimes you or your family needs care that we can’t provide in our office. We work with our in-house medical providers, specialists, and community support organizations through collaboration to ensure a better outcome in your therapeutic journey.
  • High Quality and Safe. We constantly improve how we care for you and your family by measuring the outcomes of what we do and incorporating this information into our practice. We base our clinical decisions on evidence and research.